How the fair started.

On a Spring evening in the late 70's after the Queen’s Jubilee, over a drink at the Turks Head pub, a group of friends had the idea of creating an event on the nearby Moormead recreation ground which would provide a grand party for the local community and at the same time raise money for various charities.

Volunteers came forward to run a coconut shy and children’s games, stallholders were recruited and tents booked to house kegs of beer, tea and home made cakes. The day proved so successful that it became an annual event. More helpers were needed so local schools were invited to participate, and a five-a-side football tournament became a fixture. The list of stallholders grew, and a barbeque and Greek food arrived.

Radio West Middlesex agreed to host music and interviews all afternoon. A friendly fairground operator brought a helter skelter, a stage was ordered on which short plays could be performed and local bands played. The schools gave dance and gymnastics displays. Celebrities and the local Mayor soon joined the list of special guests.

The list of organizations to benefit from the Fair over the years is now a long one. The policy of the present Fair Committee is to divide the year’s proceeds, giving half to our four local schools Orleans Park, St Stephens, St Marys and Orleans Primary, and the other half to charities in need, a choice being made each autumn from applicants in St Margarets and the surrounding area.

In order to run the Fair we are indebted to local residents, parents from the schools, the Turks Head pub, the Rugby Football Union and many more.

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Programme covers

The front covers of our annual Fair Programme and Local Directory have been illustrated by local artists.

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2010 - Sarah Box

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